Film & Lab Costs 

Film from the afternoon shoot will be collected in the evening and developed for the next day's afternoon discussion. Film from the morning shoot will be developed in time for the following morning discussion. You should consider bringing between $200 and $300 for processing. We recommend that you bring your own film as it is expensive here and film retailers are located on the other side of the Island. Prices follow:

PROCESSING: C-41 35 mm 36 exp with machine prints: $21 120 with machine prints: $10 E-6 35mm 36 exp sleeved: $10, mounted: $16 120 sleeved: $10 B&W 35mm 36 exp or 120 process and contact: $$12

FILM: 35mm 36 exp COLOR NEG, average: $ 8 35mm 36 exp SLIDES, average: $12 120 COLOR NEG, average: $5 120 COLOR SLIDES: average: $5 35mm 36 exp B&W film, average: $6 120 B&W film, average: $6